About image Hey! I'm David Sianturi, a software developer. I have a passion for building great services and helping others do the same.

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  • Laravel packageJune 20, 2020New Bootstrap Icons with Laravel Blade

    My new Laravel package to easily make use of Bootstrap Icons in your Laravel Blade views.

  • Laravel Compass DocumentationApril 10, 2020Laravel Compass

    An elegant REST assistant for the Laravel framework that you can use to test API calls and create an API documentation.

  • Blog postApril 9, 2020Laravel Compass 1.0 Released

    I have tagged v1.0.0 of Laravel Compass! adds support to Laravel 7, authenticator, revamped the UI, and more...

  • Featured in Laravel NewsOctober 29, 2019A rest client inside your laravel projects

    My new Laravel package `Laravel Compass` that you can use to test API calls and create API documentation, Like a REST-Client but inside your projects 😎

  • Featured in Product HuntDecember 22, 2018Resoluz - Makers Festival

    Plan your ideal years and make progress in public. why in public? I believe, being open will be honest. people loved honest human beings.

  • ExperimentDecember 4, 2017Ambulatorium

    An experiment project for an outpatient basis, including diagnosis, observation, consultation, treatment, intervention, and rehabilitation services.